"I want to express my profound gratitude at being one of your students last weekend for Reiki I.  I feel a door has opened where I never expected to find one, a door that has set me on a path toward a direct experience of the Divine energy flowing through creation.  I hope that does not sound too grandiose--but to become a servant of such a beautiful gift of healing energy is....well, words fail me.

I am so glad, so happy that I get to do this, that Reiki found me.  When I feel my palms heating up, I feel that I am being touched by something so far beyond my imagining, and then to share it with others.  Wow!  I can see already how it is life transforming.

Just Wow!

You are a wonderful teacher, so overflowing with love of Reiki, and very inspiring, nurturing in your teaching approach.  Thank you, thank you with all my heart."

"Laura has such a great wealth of knowledge, and she is willing to share it with others to enhance their lives, and careers. She goes above and beyond being an instructor by showing her love and care for everyone, as well as being passionate about what she teaches.”

Hey Laura,

I wanted to thank you for a life changing experience. I feel a deeper connection to the source of infinite unconditional love every day and I am truly grateful. With my previous experience I know Reiki works subtly and profoundly so I anticipate even greater things to come.
Know both of you are truly making a difference in the world.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Love and Light