Reiki Master Class


Hold your spot with a deposit of $100 (non-refundable). If for any reason you cannot attend the class, your deposit can be applied to the next class. You’ll be guided to open an account. This is necessary for making deposits. Payment will be made via PayPal at checkout. No PayPal account needed.

This is a 3 day class held Thursday evening, and Saturday, and Sunday.
Please Note: MUST have your 2nd Degree at least 6 months before taking this level.
Please note: Teacher training is offered separately and is tailored to each student’s specific focus and goals.

Pay a deposit of $100.00 per item
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Sacred Flame Reiki Master

The third level, known as “Reiki Master” completes the Usui symbols system. Also included in Laura’s Reiki Master training, the student is ignited to the Sacred Flame energy that is now available to the world. Graduates of this training have a double-Reiki Master certification. This energy catapults the student’s growth and noticeably increases the strength of Reiki. Note: teacher training is available for those who desire to teach Reiki under a separate, personalized training.

Sacred Flame/Usui Reiki Master Class Curriculum:

Sacred Flame energy is a highly refined Reiki energy. It comes from a higher level of consciousness than Usui Reiki. Since humanity continues to evolve, it makes sense that the frequencies made available to us also increases. Countless students note the increased strength and effectiveness of Holy Fire’s Sacred Flame energy.

The student is guided through a series of specific meditational experiences we called “Ignitions”, or “activations”.

In the Friday evening class students are attuned to the 4th Usui symbol. The foundations for the Sacred Flame are presented and students receive their pre-ignition to prepare them for their ignitions over the weekend.

Over the weekend the students receive their ignitions and learn several techniques to release and heal a wide variety of issues. We explore the use of crystals and sacred objects and the layering of symbols with Reiki. Psychic Surgery using the Master symbol, and the Sacred Flame Core Procedure clearing techniques are demonstrated and practiced. Students finish their weekend training by exchanging full Reiki sessions with their new Sacred Flame abilities. A truly magnificent and trasnformational time!

Deep healings occur specifically around whatever is hindering the student from their Path. These healings are highly individualized and unique to each class.

Please Note: Teacher training is offered to those who desire to teach Reiki. These trainings are done on an individual basis in order to tailor the training to that individual’s goals and focus. I believe everyone should be able to channel the highest frequencies of Reiki, though not everyone is interested in. or ready to teach. Each level of Reiki training requires more time between trainings than its preceding one, to allow integration and deepening.

Reiki Master Class Schedule:

Class starts at 6:00 pm (doors open at 5:40 pm)  and will end around 8:30 pm on Thursday, with Saturday & Sunday’s hours from 10am to 4 -5 pm. The ending time varies as each group has its own unique timing and flow.

We will take a 30 – 45 minute break for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. During this time you won’t have time to leave to get a lunch and get back in time, so bring a dinner and snacks with you. We have a tea bar with plenty of tea and filtered water for you to drink. The kitchen is available to students if you need the fridge, stove or utensils. Please note there is not a microwave.

I look forward to guiding you further on your path with the wonderful energy of Reiki!

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May 17,18,19, 2024, Dec 6, 7, 8, 2024

COVID Precautions

Numerous efforts have been put in place to keep everyone safe!

Class sizes have been limited to 6 students or less. Each student has their own couch or stuffed chair to sit on. Everyone is at least 6 feet apart, and everyone remains masked. Hand sanitizer is stationed around the class areas.

I have a ductless air system along with a separate fan going, which means only fresh air is being brought into the room, rather than sitting in circulated air. The windows are cracked open a bit for additional fresh flow of air, according to current guidelines. I also have an industrial quality ozonator, as there are significant studies demonstrating the efficacy of O’zone against viruses, including specifically COVID-19.

Prior to the students’ arrival, all the surfaces are disinfected – door knobs, door jams, countertops, tables, chairs, etc. Prior to the class date I check with each student to confirm they can answer the standard questions regarding Covid exposure and symptoms.

Upon arrival each person, one at a time, has their temperature taken as I provide a squirt of sanitizer, and time
given for that person to get situated before the next student enters.

When the students are practicing with each other the tables are 6′ apart, the recipient lays face down, and the face cradle is specially wrapped for additional safety, according to new guidelines. The practitioners stand no closer to the head than alongside the elbow of the recipient. Hands are sanitized before and after each exchange.