Many people become interested in learning Reiki as they become aware of their sensitivities to energy and the world beyond the five senses. Reiki training typically enables the student’s development of their psychic and energetic abilities. Reiki is brand new in your explorations of energy and the magical side of life, or you already have lots of skills, so Reiki provides an excellent foundation to support who you are meant to be in the world. 

Many people take a Reiki class motivated by either their own or a loved one’s health concerns. Reiki is the easiest to learn, most studied energy modality globally. Once someone has been “attuned” or “initiated” to Reiki, they transmit this healing, harmonizing energy at will for one’s themselves and others. This gentle energy cannot hurt anyone and can be combined with virtually every other type of therapy. 

Reiki has been noted to help alleviate pain, stress, tension, anxiety, and trauma, in addition to speeding up the healing processes. Reiki is gentle yet powerful, soothing yet deeply penetrating, getting to the many levels and layers of who and how we are. As a professional practitioner with over 20 years as a full-time practitioner and teacher, I can tell you many people experience healing with Reiki on all levels, emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. Many people recognize their health issues stem from emotional conditions in their life. Practitioners find Reiki is effective for healing traumas and emotional injuries. While Reiki is not a magic panacea, virtually any health condition can be improved, whether an injury or long-term, emotional or “just physical.” 

**Ideal students want to learn, explore outside the box, be sensitive to energy, empathize, and enjoy doing healing work.