rMost people who seek Reiki training want to give Reiki to friends and family. While Reiki can be given to anyone in any position, most people lay down to enhance the relaxation aspects of receiving Reiki. Many people start out giving Reiki sessions to those friends and family in a bed or couch. 

Setting the Scene for Reiki Sessions:

A few of those sessions and you’ll be considering getting a massage table. It’s important to be relaxed and comfortable when giving Reiki so the energy flows through more freely. Massage tables are available used (on Craigslist, for example), but some of the new ones are quite inexpensive these days; I recently purchased a perfectly suitable, brand new table for $139 landed. Just throw a layer of memory foam on your table and it will feel like you paid $1000. So, where are you going to put your massage table?

I am all about noticing all the ways I can maximize my recipient’s experience. Tending to your recipient’s comfort will enhance their ability to focus in on what they are experiencing with Reiki, vs thoughts and energy going towards being too cold, or their neck aches, the music’s too loud, your breath is bad, or whatever.  Providing aspects that will help them move out of their left-brained mind chatter and move into their right-brained expansive, imaginative side where they can “float” will deepen their experience.

Reiki Supplies:

A Reiki Place: Needs to be large enough for you to move all the way around your table; so at least 8’x9’ space. Ideally, you have a quiet, private room where you will not be disturbed or distracted. The room temperature should be comfortable; as their body will cool down as they relax into the session. If the room is on the cool side, you could provide a heat pack, laid on their tummy or back. Interesting note: a heat pack on the tummy will draw blood away from the brain to the tummy, shifting the recipient into rest-and relaxation mode vs action mode.) 

Stool: To sit on that you can move around the table.

Fitted Sheet: Makes it easy for them to turn over
– Note: Memory foam can be a great touch!

Blanket: Their body will cool as they relax

Eye pillow: Helps them to tune into their experience. Be sure you place a tissue between their eyes and the eye pillow. Beware of scented contents as some people can have sensitivities.

Pillows: a queen sized pillow under the legs or ankles, depending on position (relieves low back tension). When on their back, if there’s a pillow under the knees they usually do not need a pillow under their head.  (It’s easier to get your hands under their head without a pillow there, but it’s all about comfort.) Some people prefer to lay on their tummy. If you have a massage table they can put their head in the face cradle. You’ll put that pillow under their ankles or lower legs. Again, this will take pressure off the low back.

You may also a need small pillow(s); tucking one under your arm can greatly reduce the tension of holding it up for long periods of time. If you’re comfortable the energy will flow more freely.

Music: You want ambient music that will help carry one along without any beat or drama to it, and nothing that is familiar to the ‘regular world’. So, no Muzak. Ambient music helps the brain go into a more recipient brainwave state for relaxation, which will help your recipient get more out of their experience.  It also helps the practitioner to stay focused on the session and stay in the right-brain, rather than the left-brain’s chatter. (There is a never-ending supply of free ambient/meditation/mellow yoga music on You Tube, and any number stations like Pandora, Spotify, etc.)

Ambience: Most practitioners set their spaces up so they see things that bring awareness to the spiritual, mystical aspects of life and of energy. So, icons, images, statues of spiritual beings are often seen in Reiki practices. Crystals offer the sense of magic and the mystical, and can be wonderful tools to include in a session. Many practitioners use essential oils to enhance their sessions. Water features can add a touch of nature’s peacefulness. (Note: many of my clients prefer to listen to the sounds of the water, rather than have any music playing.) Candles’ or tiny lights can add another layer of magic to the ambience. 

Soft lighting, soft music, soft table, light touch and Reiki… Ahhhhh!

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