COVID Precautions

Numerous efforts have been put in place to keep everyone safe!

Class sizes have been limited to 8 students or less. Each student has their own couch or stuffed chair to sit on. Everyone is at least 6 feet apart, and everyone remains masked. Hand sanitizer is stationed around the class areas.

I have a ductless air system along with a separate fan going, which means only fresh air is being brought into the room, rather than sitting in circulated air. The windows are cracked open a bit for additional fresh flow of air, according to current guidelines. I also have an industrial quality ozonator, as there are significant studies demonstrating the efficacy of O’zone against viruses, including specifically COVID-19.

Prior to the students’ arrival, all the surfaces are disinfected – door knobs, door jams, countertops, tables, chairs, etc. Prior to the class date I check with each student to confirm they can answer the standard questions regarding Covid exposure and symptoms.

Upon arrival each person, one at a time, is provided a squirt of sanitizer, and time
given for that person to get situated before the next student enters.

When the students are practicing with each other the tables are at least 6′ apart, the recipient lays face down, and the face cradle is specially wrapped for additional safety, according to new guidelines.  Hands are sanitized before and after each exchange.