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Learn 2 more Reiki symbols and how to use them for emotional and mental issues. Plus, how to send Reiki to anyone anywhere at any time!

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2nd Degree Reiki Classes Are Designed to Elevate Your Reiki

Students often note an increase in their perception and effectiveness with their 2nd Degree Reiki certification. 

The knowledge gained in this dynamic training enables the practitioner to address a vast array of conditions: physical, emotional, and mental, for personal healing and for helping others. And, students learn how to do remote healing, or “distancing” Reiki healing.

You will learn about the chakras and their significance with regards to healing, including which organs are managed by which chakras. Drawing from eastern medicine, students are introduced to the emotional relationship of each organ and how to use this information in healing with Reiki.

Students are attuned to 2 more symbols. You’ll learn how to do remote, or “distance” healing, and how to do emotional healing for yourself and for others. You’ll be taught many ways to use them, individually and in combination. We’ll have several practice times throughout this fantastic weekend to make sure you get what you came for, and more!

You will get further practice with scanning, how to make and use a Reiki “ball”, and meditation. Our 2nd Degree practitioners learn about creating effective boundaries, how to clear unwanted energies from a space, and how to use Reiki to program crystals. Students learn about the power of creating altars, using icons and crystals in healing work, and conditioning spaces energetically. All of these aspects are applicable to massage therapy work, which is why our classes qualify for cue’s. 

2nd Degree Reiki classes are only available to students who have completed a 1st Degree Reiki class. (Even if taken from another instructor.)

2nd degree reiki graduating class May 2015 2nd degree
Reiki Buddies sharing their experiences with each other.

What We Offer in 2nd Degree Reiki

As in 1st Degree Reiki, the class is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice. Each student will experience giving and receiving a complete Reiki session.

Two more Reiki symbols are taught. You’ll learn how to draw them, how to activate them, and how to use them for yourself and others.

The Emotion and Distance symbols are used to address emotional and mental issues. Learning the third Reiki symbol will allow you to send Reiki’s healing energies to anyone, anywhere, any time.

These symbols many uses are explained and their inner meanings are discussed.

Students will be given instruction on how to use Reiki outside of linear time by sending it to the past, the future, and to people and events that are far away.

We will learn heart-centered Sacred Love meditations to activate the heart field. This will give you far greater receptivity to your Reiki attunements and to fully take in the teachings. These will specifically enhance your personal evolution growth, and healing.

You will also receive in-depth instructions on the 7 main chakras and how to use Reiki energy to heal them. There are several variations on treating the chakras, and we’ll go into some depth on different techniques to apply Reiki to them.

Each chakra aligns with a bodily organ, and each bodily organ aligns with emotional correlations. We’ll go over how to address health issues manifesting in the human body.

And as always, you will have practice time to give and receive sessions and experiment with the new techniques you’ve learned.

2nd Degree Student Feedback & Reviews

Common 2nd Degree Reiki Questions

No. You can take your course from other instructors.

However, other instructors have different curriculum so I would like to talk with you about what you learned in your class.

For example, in my 1st Degree Reiki class I teach students the 1st Reiki symbol, but not all instructors do. Don’t worry, I can still work with you – but since we will be learning 2 more symbols I will take extra care to get you caught up with the 1st symbol, and will provide you with my 1st Degree manual, no charge.

You will learn 2 more Reiki symbols (the Emotion & Distance symbols). We will build on what you learned in 1st Degree re chakras; how they relate to each organ and to each emotion. You’ll learn more uses for the Reiki “ball”, and how to apply Reiki across space and time. You’ll learn several techniques for healing the past, and using Reiki in preparation for a future event.

Reiki is an excellent tool to add to your massage practice! Our classes are approved to give CEU credits to licensed massage therapists in Oregon.

Absolutely and of course! I love to highlight my students and their success.

Our relationship as student and teacher is sacred to me and I will honor your journey and your growth.

You will learn 2 more symbols in the 2nd Degree Reiki class: the Emotion and Distance symbols.

We will also recap the Power symbol taught in 1st Degree Reiki.

In the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki taught by us, there are 3 levels. These include what is known as 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, and 3rd Degree Holy Fire Usui Master Teacher.

Yes, one of the terrific things about Reiki is the ability to be able to treat yourself at any time.

Animals love Reiki too. They seem to have a natural understanding of what Reiki is and its benefits. Once a pet has received a Reiki treatment, they will often let you know that they want more. Plants also respond well to Reiki.

I began my Reiki training in 1999. I discovered for myself how amazing, effective and useful Reiki is.

I have a keen passion for Reiki and began teaching classes in 2000. I teach classes through Lane Community College throughout the year – but don’t worry, classes are not exclusive to Lane students.

I use Reiki throughout every day in big and in small ways. Food, health, water, situations, for connecting to Spirit, personal growth, guidance, protection, the ways to use it are endless!

I learned Reiki from Barbara West and from Carrie Lenart. And now I am a full time practitioner and teacher of Reiki.

2nd Degree Reiki Student Graduates