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Reiki Classes

Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Reiki Master Teacher certifications available through Reiki Classes Eugene

Welcome to Reiki Classes Eugene, where you are invited to learn, discover and harness the gentle, healing and transformative power of Reiki.

Reiki is the most well known, easiest to learn, and most scientifically studied natural energy healing system in the world. Many hospitals throughout the United States offer Reiki, and Reiki is used by many (maybe even a majority of) massage therapists. Reiki is used in numerous oncology hospitals around the country. This is because so many respond by healing faster and having less severe symptoms, and needing less medication. It’s even one of the services available at Johns Hopkins Medical. 

Reiki can be used to help with physical concerns and issues. It is also very effective for emotional issues such as PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and depression. On a spiritual level, Reiki helps clear out the debris within so that one can better sense their spiritual connection, enabling the recipient to access their own inner wisdom and knowing. “I like to say Reiki opens windows of possibility.”

This marvelous energy enhances the body’s innate ability to heal itself. It is a holistic, natural healing system that effects our health on all levels: body, emotion, mind, and spirit. Reiki restores and balances our life force energy. It calms the fight-or-flight response and can help soothe the core source(s) that cause issues, chronic conditions, and many health concerns.

Reiki is compatible with and supportive of personal belief systems. Reiki enhances one’s relationship with the Divine, and does not conflict with  religious or spiritual belief systems.

Reiki is easy to perform and easy to learn, and lasts a lifetime! Since Reiki works on all levels of a person, this marvelous energy blends seamlessly with any other modality, adding a multi-dimensional and therefore deeper and ore lasting level of healing. It can be done safely at any time, anywhere. It can even be done remotely with great effect! (See our 2nd Degree class information.)

Perfect for beginners to learn, and excellent to enhance existing abilities for novice and advanced energy practitioners alike.

Whether you’re searching for something ‘more‘, have a desire to become a healer, or already are one, you can count on personal growth, spiritual growth, and a stronger connection to “The Unseen”. You, too can enjoy and employ the powerfully harmonizing energies of Reiki. 

1st Degree Reiki

With 1st Degree we get the Reiki energy flowing and the student learns the basics of energy and healing with Reiki. This beginning level lays the foundations for safe energy work, and focuses on the physical aspects of Reiki. PLUS, chakras, energy balls, and the first of the 4 Usui Reiki "symbols" to get you started right!

2nd Degree Reiki

2nd Degree Reiki students learn how to do remote or "distance" healing, and how to heal their own and others' past issues. You'll begin learning how to apply the Reiki "symbols" for deeper healing, for manifesting and actively creating your life!

3rd Degree Sacred Flame/Usui Reiki Master

This 3rd Degree Reiki Master training is a uniquely special, deeply profound course taken by those who desire to build upon and expand what they are already experiencing with Reiki. If you find Reiki to be a way of life and you see yourself as Light Bearer, this class is for you!

Student Feedback

Meet the instructor:
Reiki Master Laura Magpali

Laura Magpali is a passionate Reiki and energy work Master Practitioner and teacher. She has been teaching Reiki classes through Lane Community College since 2002. Laura’s Reiki classes can be counted towards Continuing Education Credits for Licensed Massage Therapists.

All classes are open to the public and are not exclusive to Lane Students.

As a licensed massage therapist (#7633) Laura Magpali offers therapeutic Reiki sessions and Bowen sessions at her clinical practice, A Sanctuary For Healing. If you’d like to consider receiving a Reiki or Bowen treatment, please visit her clinical website 
@ A Sanctuary For

Skylights in the Sanctuary for Healing classroom

Welcome to Reiki Classes Eugene

Along with Laura’s clinic, Reiki Classes Eugene is nestled in a lodge-like setting in the forested southeast Eugene hills, at 766 Foothill Dr. Eugene, OR 97405.

Lots of skylights and big windows bring in the forested beauty of the outdoors.

Classes and training also include support for those who want to set up their own practice, and for those who would like to teach Reiki.

“My relationship with you as your Reiki Master Teacher is sacred to me. I offer ongoing email support after graduation and will always make time for any questions or help that my students have, no charge.

Have questions about Reiki Classes? Get in touch!