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Reiki Classes Eugene
Laura Magpali

Advanced Reiki Training 

Do you want a better handle on how to make Reiki applicable to your own personal healing? Do you know how to effectively apply Reiki for your emotional issues, your habits, your goals, etc. What about with regards to Reiki and your personal, spiritual connection?

Designed to be useful no matter what your levels of training or experience is, this one-evening-a-month class will explore the emotional and physical aspects associated with each chakra, and the organs associated with that chakra, identifying our personal correlations, using Reiki as our lense. Building upon that foundation will be exploration into the multi-dimensional and metaphysical aspects of the Reiki symbols.

Along the way you'll learn specific instructions for applying  Reiki to your own issues - and how to get tangible results. Then during the month we'll practice what we learned, and share how it went, learning, and growing in Reiki and in relationship with each other in the process. 

This will be a valuable class in self healing, self discovery and personal growth. You will see your effectiveness with, and satisfaction in doing Reiki increase. You will become more proficient, having actually experienced what you are trying to help your recipients receive, and better able to assist your personal, and/or your clients' process. Makes sense, right? Plus the additional healing will make you that much clearer of a channel, as well as more self-reliant and effective in your own self-care.

Your committed, consistent participation during and between classes will be a necessary element in accomplishing the intention to deepen your Reiki healing experience. We consider it a sacred contract.

Scope of Topics:

* The emotional and physical aspects associated with each chakra, and the organs associated with that chakra

* Self care, frequency management, and protecting psychic space. How to stay "up" in a down world

* The multi-dimensional aspects of each Reiki symbol, and their implications in metaphysics and your day to day life

* The use of Ritual:
       Sacred space, altars, inner temples, the 4 elements, the 4 directions, & the 4 Reiki symbols

* Guides, intuition:  
      Meeting your guide(s), how to know if it's you, or higher guidance

* Practitioner practicals,
     Clearing blockages, the use of crystals, talismans, icons, & imagery for healing work, and for life manifestation

* In-depth exploration of each Symbol, including being re-attuned to each symbol, one each each month. We'll focus the entire month on that symbol, deepening your understanding and experience with each symbol. 2nd Degree students receive their 3rd Degree (additonal time needed Saturday, Oct 19th) for a special additional rate of $125.

For LMT's this class qualifies for 36 CEU's.

* Must have your 2nd Degree or beyond * 

* Attendance at first class mandatory *

Interested? We'll meet for 3 energy-packed hours, once a month for 12 months. Relationships will be formed that will carry on long beyond the year we spend together. 

When: the next series begins Sept 4, 2013, 1st Wednesdays of each month, 6 - 9 PM

Where: A Sanctuary For Healing, aka Laura’s office, downtown @ 1623 Oak St. Eugene, Oregon

Fee: $35.00 p/month + $65 deposit.
$60 discount if paid in full by 1st class.

Non-Refundable Deposit: $65.00 due by August 21st, 2013
If this class is for you, and this is the time for it, don't wait. This class fills up.
You may pay by cash, check, of you would like to pay by credit card; applicable charges apply. Mail checks to my office address. Cash may be delivered to my office. If the door is locked, put my name on your envelope, and you may slide your sealed envelope with payment enclosed through the mail slot. It will be safe, and I will confirm reciept. ;-)

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Advanced Reiki Payments


Please Note: Your committed, consistent participation during, and between classes will be a necessary element in accomplishing the intention to deepen your Reiki experience. Each class builds on the previous one, therefore, part of taking this class is being committed to each and every class. Therefore, the entire class fee is to be paid in full, even if you miss any of the classes, excluding extenuating circumstances. 

Questions? Email me via the Contact Laura page, or call me at 541-525-4033

Reiki Classes

All classes are open to the public.
Classes are offered through
Lane Community College,
and are held in our home:

766 Foothill Dr. 
Eugene, OR 97405

1st Degree $179
 10 AM - 5PM
April 5/6, 2014

2nd Degree $179
10 AM -  5 PM
May 3/4, 2014 

Master Practitioner $249
10am - 5PM

(Must have your 2nd Degree
at least 6 months)
May 10, 2014

Karuna Reiki ®Level One   $275
10AM - 5PM 
(Minimum of 6 months after 3rd Degree) 

June 2014 Contact Laura for information

Karuna Reiki ® Level Two   $275
10AM - 5PM 

June 2014 Contact Laura for information

Karuna Reiki ® Master   $275
10AM - 5PM
June 2014 Contact Laura for information


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Questions? Email click here: 
Or Call 541-525-4033 Office or 
541-484-2299 Home

Offered in cooperation with
Lane Community College and
A Sanctuary For Healing 
1623 Oak St., Eugene, OR 97401