Reiki can induce a deeply healing state of calm, bringing the body out of fight-or-flight and into restoration and healing mode. This is accomplished by an altered state of consciousness where the recipient’s typical mental noise, and levels of anxiety are reduced so much that they become able to enter this deeply relaxed state. Many people pursue Reiki training so they can channel this harmonizing energy for themselves. Reiki commonly helps with physical as well as emotional challenges.

There are many ways to do or apply Reiki for self healing. The most well known technique is referred to as “hand positions” where essentially, the hands are placed on or over the body organs and major joints, generally done bilaterally.  A typical session self-treatment would take about 30 minutes, spending approximately 3 minutes on each location. 

Another effective Reiki healing approach is to spend about 4 minutes at each of the primary chakras, of which there are seven.  Each of the chakras manages an endocrine gland and associated organs, as well as house our emotional woundings and traumas. It becomes easy to see why paying attention to your chakras is thing.

Variations of the above techniques include doing the entire session intuitively, moving the hands to various locations based on sensing; whether that’s an inner knowing or the perceiving of sensations in one’s hands. 

It is highly recommended that a Reiki practitioner do self-Reiki daily. It can easily be incorporated into other spiritual practices, and used “on-the-go”, such as when you’re showering, brushing your teeth, cooking, washing dishes, driving, hanging out in the hot tub or hammock, etc. Daily use of Reiki over several months will demonstrate Reiki’s benefits as it gently lifts and sifts the causes that are keeping a negative pattern in place. 

Any time there is a chronic condition there will be an emotional component to that person’s health issue, and sometimes an emotional trauma is the cause of the health issue. Reiki is very effective for filtering out the energetic and emotional debris that accompanies chronic health concerns, allowing greater coherency and therefore improving health. Healing is a process. The condition didn’t happen overnight, and neither will the healing. 

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